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                EN / CN

                Designed by Bluestar Lehigh Engineering Institute Co., Ltd, the Flotation Plant of YPH has a feed processing capacity of 2 million tons/year. With an advanced concept of design and high level of automation,the flotation plant now has three sections in total, including: crushing of ore, grinding and flotation, and concentrate&tailing’s processing.The flotation plant has a series of advanced large and medium-sized equipment of Mesto(France), Sandvik(Sweden) and 50m3 flotation machine of Beijing General Research Institute of Mining& Metallurgy. At the same time, adopted single-reverse flotation process, the flotation concentrate can reach the first class standard set by the  China Mineral and Chemical Industry of Phosphoric Acid Fertilizer. Currently, through continuous technological innovation, optimization and transformation, the production process is stable, and has a good technical and economic indicators in mineral processing.


                Panorama of Flotation Facilities

                The three major sections included in YPH Flotation Plant are as follows:

                1. Crushing section

                Coarse crushing: Impact crusher

                Fine crushing: Cone crusher

                2. Grinding & Flotation section

                Ball mill & Rod mill

                XCF-50, KYF-50 Flotation machine

                3、Fine tailing section

                High Efficiency Thickener

                Diaphragm Pump for Concentrate Transportation

                Product of YPH Flotation Plant: Phosphate concentrate


                Company’s Standards  









                Solid content %


                Fineness(-100 mesh)%≥


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